Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bla, Bla, Blog!

Wow, it sure does look like I don't have any thing to say in this old blog, but to be honest, I can't seem to log the blog! Yesterday I waited 30 minutes just to post, and never got through! THAT is a bummer.
So I'll just post a little post to say that this blogging site seems bloated.
My hubby says that blogging commits me to write everyday. As if I not stressed enough in my daily life, rushing off to work, getting home, making food, feeding the cats, shopping and..... well, you all know the routine!
So I promised myself, no blog is gonna blog me down - no sirreeee!
And while I'm babbling, doesn't it seem strange how the concept of time changes? I feel like I did a million things when I was young and had time to spare. Today I run around, still doing a million things, and wonder where the time went and how come I didn't finish all the things I started! 10 small summers don't seem so long ago, but 10 long years do!


Melli said...

I just wish I had the ENERGY to do what I did 10 ... or 20 ... years ago! It's hard to believe it was only 15 years ago I was chasing after 3 toddlers all day -- whoops! Make that 6 toddlers! I babysat! Where did I get THAT energy from? hmmmmm....

Wystful1 said...

I personally don't think it means to blog every least I won't commit myself to that time frame, just when I feel I have something to say....which in my case--I'm always talking about something. hehehehe

And to keep busy is the all time consuming act of life. Hey, if we didn't have a full schedule and little time to accomplish everything, life would be boring!!