Sunday, March 26, 2006

I wonder about coincidences

Have you ever wondered about coincidences? What are they really? Why do some people have lots of strange coincidences and others - none at all?
I belong to the first group. I have the strangest coincidences all the time and have no idea why, what they are trying to tell me or how to use or interpret them.
An example? Sure! Why not? Many years ago I played in a European cast of the musical Hair. (which I will write about later) After touring and being a part of the cast for 2 years, I stopped. I've always loved the songs, but life went on, and so did I. I didn't really talk or think much about my Hair days. Then 3 years ago I was asked to coach the singers in a theater youth group who were going to do Hair. I thought, why not? Then suddenly, without warning, I get an envelope from a person who has been cleaning house and found a lot of newspaper clippings from my cast of Hair and sent it to me. Out of the blue! The next day while driving home, they played two songs from our cast version of Hair on the radio. I hadn't heard that recording for 30 years! What was going on? What was this trying to tell me? I had already said yes to the job, so why all the hoodoo voodoo? These kinds of things happen all the time,and I haven't a clue why?
Do you??

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursdays Book Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Some of My Favorite Books. I love reading and have shelves and shelves filled with books, so these will change, depending on my mood and time.

1. 84 Charing Cross Road - by Helene Hanff
2. The Source - by James Michener
3. The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
4. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
5. Chicken Soup for the Soul
6. The Hiram Key
7. The Tao of Winnie-the-Pooh
8. All the Harry Potter books
9. The Shamer's daughter by Lene Kaaberbol
10. London, the novel, by Edward Rutherfurd
11. All of Alexander McCall Smith's books about Mma Ramotswe
12. The Ripper and the Royals
13. Macbeth, by old Will

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Bla, Bla, Blog!

Wow, it sure does look like I don't have any thing to say in this old blog, but to be honest, I can't seem to log the blog! Yesterday I waited 30 minutes just to post, and never got through! THAT is a bummer.
So I'll just post a little post to say that this blogging site seems bloated.
My hubby says that blogging commits me to write everyday. As if I not stressed enough in my daily life, rushing off to work, getting home, making food, feeding the cats, shopping and..... well, you all know the routine!
So I promised myself, no blog is gonna blog me down - no sirreeee!
And while I'm babbling, doesn't it seem strange how the concept of time changes? I feel like I did a million things when I was young and had time to spare. Today I run around, still doing a million things, and wonder where the time went and how come I didn't finish all the things I started! 10 small summers don't seem so long ago, but 10 long years do!

Wordless Wednesday

A Picture is worth a 1000 words

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Commercials - Pro Quid Pro?

I'll start by saying now, that I hate television commercials.
We've lived with them forever - I know, I know.
I just don't understand why we've had to accept them and why no one has made a stink about it. I'm tired of being labeled a consumer. Just for once I'd like to be considered a human being, who, after a long day at work, would like to watch the news, or see a film without being bombarded with the newest in washing detergents and panty liners. We buy these things already, so why do we have to see them every 10 minutes? Who ever said that television was pro quid pro, something for something or this for that? I don't think I would mind as much, if commercials came in blocks between shows, but they've taken the liberty of cutting in, in the middle of the news, films, talk shows, just about everything.
While watching the Discovery channel, there was a commercial for Bailys - I don't know how many times. Sheeeeeeeeesh, I got the message, and I sure don't want to buy Bailys, that's for sure. I got so tired of seeing that commercial, that I changed channels!
Wouldn't it be nice to see a talk show, where the host didn't have to say, "We'll be right back after this message" every 10 minutes?
That's all I gotta say about this............for now.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Why People Over 30 Should Be Dead!

We, who were born in the 40's, 50's, 60's and even the 70's shouldn't be alive today.
Read and see why.
  1. Our cribs were painted with lead-based paint.
  2. We didn't have child-proof medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and we biked without helmets.
  3. As kids, we drove in cars with no seatbelts or airbags.
  4. Riding in the back of a pick-up truck on a warm summer day was heaven!
  5. We drank water from the garden hose and not bottled water.
  6. We ate bread with butter, drank soda pop filled with sugar, but were never over weight, because we were always out playing.
  7. We shared a bottle of pop with our friends and drank from the same bottle and no one ever died from it.
  8. We spent hours building soap box cars out of old junk and raced down hills, just to find out that we forgot to install brakes. A couple times in the ditch taught us how to solve that problem.
  9. We left early in the morning to go out and play and came home when the street lights went on in the evening, and no one could get a hold of us all day - NO MOBILE PHONES! (can you imagine??)
  10. We had no Playstations, Nintendo 64 or X-Boxes - in fact no TV games, no 99 TV channels, no videos or DVD's, surround sound, cell phones, home computers or chatrooms on the internet.
  11. But we did have FRIENDS! We went out and found them.
  12. We fell down from trees, cut ourselves, broke arms and legs and got teeth knocked out, but no one sued anyone. No one else was to blame except ourselves.
  13. We fought till we were black and blue, but got over it.
  14. We invented different games, played with sticks and tennis balls and ate dirt and grass. Despite all the warnings, no one really got an eye poked out and grass didn't grow in our stomachs for the rest of our lives.
  15. We biked or walked over to each other's houses, knocked on the door and became a part of the family.
This generation has produced some of the most risk-taking, problem solving and inventive minds ever!

I love My Bike!

I was thinking about my old green bike, and how much I loved it. It took me
everywhere; to school, to my friend's house,to the market, around the neighborhood, on a paper route -just everywhere.
Who doesn't remember getting a new bike for Christmas or birthday?
We kids didn't have weight problems on my street either, cause we were either roller skating or biking around.
The other day my friend said that she never lets her kids ride anywhere because
it just wasn't safe. I wonder why it isn't safe? We grew up with scraped knees and we survived.
Is the world so unsafe now or is the world gone
paranoid? Has the world really become a more dangerous place, or has globalisation just brought what has always been, to our attention?
Is this a big city thing or are there still small towns where the kids bike around?
I was just wondering - cause I still bike and love it!
Any thoughts out there?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My 13 Most Favorite Places on Earth - in no particular order

Thirteen Things about LibertyBelle theWonder Girl

1. Samos, Greece
2. Paris, France
3. The countryside of Sweden.
4. The islands of Denmark
5. San Francisco.
6. London! London! london!
7. The beaches of California
8. New York. (only been there once)
9. Scotland
10. My backyard
11. A real good Italian restaurant, anywhere.
12. Cuddled on the sofa with my kitty.
13. In my warm bed on a cold night with my hubby.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Power of the Media - Part 1

I was wondering how much power the media has today.
I noticed that many of the young kids today wear short
shirts and low riding jeans. I remember hip-huggers -
but I also lived in a warm climate so it wasn't a problem.
But these kids I asked live in a cold climate.
No wonder they often have ear infections, stomach aches
and colds, not to mention pneumonia.
When asked why they risk their health, they answer
that this is the fashion in all the magazines, TV and films.
To be honest, not many of them look that hot in these clothes.
If the fashion is anything goes,- why are they doing this and
not creating new fashions that aren't a health risk?
Any answers blowing in the wind?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I was wondering about education.

I'm a big fan of Dr. Phil.
I think he has a lot of good advice and
Today his show was about schools and
Dr. Phil said that teachers are some of the
most important people on earth. They
are over-worked and underpaid.
Not only do they teach their subjects
to prepare young people for the future,
but they have also taken over the role
of up-bringing because many parents
just don't have the time to, well.......
bring up their kids socially, spiritually,
mentally, culturally and emotionally.
If we all know that the future of the world must
be in the hands are well educated people, why is
the education system suffering so many cut-backs?
Why is music and art being ripped out of the curriculum?
Why is the education system at the bottom of the list?
Just wondering................

Just wondering about Health Care

I was wondering about Health care in the U.S.
20 years ago, you could smoke in your house
or backyard. You could smoke in smoking
sections of restaurants or bars or a deli.
Now suddenly, smoking is a national issue.
I wonder why there is so much concern about
smoking, yet in the world's richest country, there
is no national health care for everyone?!
I know for a fact that all the Scandinavian countries
Canada, England and Germany have national health.
That means you pay higher taxes, but don't have to
worry about going broke because your child has
to have an appendix removed.
If the government is going to worry about the health
of it's citizens - why not go all the way and take care
of everyone by having a good national health care system.
Are there any answers out there blowing in the wind?

Monday, March 06, 2006

My Place of Wonder

This is my place of wonder.
Why? Because I wonder alot. I wonder about
a lot of things and have no answers.
Well, this is a big world with lots of exciting
people in it, who just might have some good
I'm not out to pick a fight, or choose sides about
anything. I'm not about to say what is right and
wrong, or hurt anyone.
I just wonder alot.
So, I have the questions, and the answers
are blowing in the wind.