Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I was wondering about education.

I'm a big fan of Dr. Phil.
I think he has a lot of good advice and
Today his show was about schools and
Dr. Phil said that teachers are some of the
most important people on earth. They
are over-worked and underpaid.
Not only do they teach their subjects
to prepare young people for the future,
but they have also taken over the role
of up-bringing because many parents
just don't have the time to, well.......
bring up their kids socially, spiritually,
mentally, culturally and emotionally.
If we all know that the future of the world must
be in the hands are well educated people, why is
the education system suffering so many cut-backs?
Why is music and art being ripped out of the curriculum?
Why is the education system at the bottom of the list?
Just wondering................


Wystful1 said...

Me too! I would protest to all of high mighty if I didn't have art and music when I went to school!!! There are many talents out there in this world that can always use this in their schooling and education....I would protest!!

Melli said...

Dr. Phil can be a pretty smart man sometimes.... hear,hear! I believe that America's education system is in WORSE shape than America's health care issues... but maybe that's because I am so closely involved in the education field... and I HAVE health insurance... but it seems like the harder we try to compete with other countries in education, the farther we get behind... and personally I think it all starts with discipline ... at HOME! Those parents that don't know how or don't have time to teach their children... Our CHILDREN are the priority. We don't NEED 3 cars in every garage, a tv in every room, and twinkies in every pantry! We NEED a MOM who stays home and MOM's! Just my opinion... but I think it was asked for.