Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just wondering about Health Care

I was wondering about Health care in the U.S.
20 years ago, you could smoke in your house
or backyard. You could smoke in smoking
sections of restaurants or bars or a deli.
Now suddenly, smoking is a national issue.
I wonder why there is so much concern about
smoking, yet in the world's richest country, there
is no national health care for everyone?!
I know for a fact that all the Scandinavian countries
Canada, England and Germany have national health.
That means you pay higher taxes, but don't have to
worry about going broke because your child has
to have an appendix removed.
If the government is going to worry about the health
of it's citizens - why not go all the way and take care
of everyone by having a good national health care system.
Are there any answers out there blowing in the wind?


Wystful1 said...

Tell me!! I agree!!!

Melli said...

All I know is it's a hotly debated subject... seems there are people who are actually against it. *sigh* ... I don't know why.

Gina E. said...

I am amazed that the USA doesn't have a national health care program - I guess I always assumed you did, because Australia usually borrows all the good things you do over there, and I thought this was one of them. Everyone pays 1.5% of their wages toward Medicare in Australia, and as well as that, we can be in private health funds which means we get looked after faster and better than in the public hospitals. Yes, some people here say we are overtaxed, but I think the benefits outweigh the cost.

PJ said...

Well, there needs to be affordable alternitives for the self employed and for those between jobs, thats for sure!