Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hey All You Rollers....

Hey all you Rollers, Blog-Rollers, Holy-Rollers, Rock 'n Rollers and Hair-Rollers.
I love these blogrolls!
It's a great way to get to know others and see all the creativity around the net.
But one thing I've noticed is that people feel that the day the photos or 13 lists come up, you have to be there that very same day and add a comment.
I know this for a fact, because people who come a day later write they are sorry they are late! Late for what?
Well, for what it's worth, I haven't read anywhere that
you have to visit all the sites on the blogroll the same day they come out! So take it easy,- no rush - They'll be up for a whole week before a new one takes its place!
Happy blogrolling.


Scavenger Hunt - The Theme is "Old"

This "home" nearby was completed in 1554 - that's pretty old!
If you want to read more about this beautiful Danish castle
click here: Egeskov Castle


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Scavenger Hunt - The Theme is "Silly"

I've had this photo on my desktop for a long time.
I didn't take it, but I wish I had!
I look at it when I need a good laugh!
There are a lot of ways of showing strength,-
this is one of them! (Is that silly or what?)


Thursday, April 20, 2006

13 Reasons Why Good Education Should Be a # 1 Priority.

Thirteen Things about LibertyBelle

1. Children are the future of the world.
2. Today’s children are going to be taking care of “us” tomorrow.
3. The surest way out of poverty is education.
4. The strongest weapon against prejudice and racism is knowledge.
5. To understand the future, you must understand the past.
6. Who would you want running the world tomorrow, a kid who worked hard in school or one who sold dope on the streets?
7. If a kid has a good education, the chances he becomes a criminal are small.
8. The fastest road to world peace, is tolerance and understanding of other cultures.
9. School is not only a place of learning, but also a place to learn social skills. What is intellectual intelligence without emotional intelligence?
10. Creative skills are also learned in school; such as art, music, dancing, debating, drama and many of the hobbies people love to do and relax to in their spare time.
11. School could be the place you find your life-long friend.
12. Learning languages gives a better understanding of other cultures, especially when you understand their humor.
13. The best gift we can give our kids is a good education. It gives them the chance to wake up each day to a job and a life they love instead of a job that passes time.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Scavenger Hunt 2 - The Theme is Feet

I'm going on a little holiday, so I'm posting this a day early.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thirteen Reasons Why I Live in Europe

Thirteen Things about LibertyBelle

My last Thursday 13 was about things I wanted
to change in the world. Today’s list shows that many
of those things do exist in many parts of the world!
Please don't get me wrong.
I was born and raised in sunny California, and
I love America and especially Americans.
You won't find kinder more hospitable people anywhere.
I just happened to have ended up in Europe, and stayed.
Will I ever go back to the States to live?
Who knows - I just might!

1. My parents sent me off with a one-way ticket.
2. I met a boy.
3. I met another boy and got married.
4. We had a baby.
5. They have wonderful child care here.
6. You get a child care check 4 times a year.
7. You get maternity leave for one year - with pay.
8. I got an education as a music teacher - for free.
9. I got a fabulous job teaching music and English.
10. They've got national health over here.
11. People work less and have more vacation time. Everyone gets 5 weeks off a year - with pay.
12. The people voted they didn't want nuclear power and the politicians had to respect that. The vote went through in 1972 - and there is still no nuclear power - but there are a lot of alternative energy sources and natural gas.
13. Thank you Master Enigma for bringing this lost number 13 to my attention! It must have disappeared in the press! Ok - number 13 is, they make great beer!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

For Cat Lovers Only

What is it about cats, that makes them irresistible,adorable,essential and indispensable? I know my life would be a very lonely place without my kitty.
My kitty is loving, playful and entertaining. He understands me! :)
He jumps on my lap when I'm feeling blue. He demands attention and care.
When I sit down to eat, he wants me to open the door to let him out.
When my fork is halfway to my mouth, he wants in again. When I lose a kitty,I feel the loss of my cat almost as deeply as the loss of a human friend. Pet or human, there is still an emptyness when they're gone. I love dogs too, but my old dog didn't have the same aloofness my cat has. Somehow that makes me love him even more. It's almost as if my kitty is saying to me, we can be together, but only on his terms. Am I just projecting my thoughts on my kitty - or do cats have a special something that makes us love them to bits?
What do you think?

DNA Personality Test

My Personal DNA test.

I took this personality test, it was quite amazing.

The results said that I have compassion for others and that creativity

plays a big part in who I am. Being a composer, musician, and

lyricist, I think that's pretty close.

I usually don't go in for these internet, find-your-true-self

sites, but this one was fun!

Try it, it's cool!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tales from a Tush

Back in the 70's, I packed my bags and went off in search of myself - and, well, Europe too! Backpacking in Europe gives you many opportunites for checking out the local railway stations and public restrooms. On one such occassion, I was waiting in line in one (un-named) European city, and noticed that there was a strange swishing sound coming from behind the stalls. Swish, swish, swish. Finally, being my turn, I went into a stall, locked the door, hung my backpack on a hook and sat down. To my great surprise I saw that the toilet paper was nothing more than brown wrapping paper, shiny on one side and dull on the other. This paper was stiff as wrapping paper!! Then it hit me! The swishing sound I heard was the sound of experienced users rubbing the paper to make it soft. What a revelation! Me, coming from a 3-ply country and staring at this 1-ply piece of brown paper - can you imagine? :) I later heard that someone once wrote a book about knowing Europe from which type of TP they had in public restrooms. I never found the book. But who knows, one day I might write one too - I sure have the experience! Happy trails to all you future travellers.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

13 Things I'd Like to Change in the World

Thirteen Things about LibertyBelle

1. I'd eliminate hunger in the world.
2. Every child, everywhere had a good education.
3. There was national health care for everyone on Earth.
4. All education was free.
5. Everyone learned to be kind from the time they could walk.
6. Big business never came before the welfare of people or the environment.
7. No products would ever be allowed on the market, til they were perfect!
8. Every country had a transportation system that made cars obsolete. (and was free)
9. There'd be no places on earth that were dangerous to be.
10. Everyone had a clean, safe, dry place to live.
11. There were child care facilites at every place of work and where parents could check up on their kids and give them a hug during the day.
12. That all parents who wanted to stay at home for the first year with their children, could do so, with pay.
13. That the medicine industry might listen to what other cultures have discovered about treating serious illnessess with alternatives such as acupuncture, herbs and other natural resources.

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