Tuesday, April 11, 2006

DNA Personality Test

My Personal DNA test.

I took this personality test, it was quite amazing.

The results said that I have compassion for others and that creativity

plays a big part in who I am. Being a composer, musician, and

lyricist, I think that's pretty close.

I usually don't go in for these internet, find-your-true-self

sites, but this one was fun!

Try it, it's cool!


Melli said...

Bad test! Bad! Bad! Hatefully bad! ( I think I broke it! ) LOL!

Chi said...

LOL, Melli...too funny! I took the test but haven't added it to mu blog yet. *s*

Barb said...

hmmm not sure how to do this, but it said that I am an Advocating Artist. It was an interesting test, and I agreed with 98% of the results.

Wystful1 said...

I took it...it says I'm an "architect"---that I build things and make life good for myself. That I have tendencies to act on my own in a private way. BUT! It also says I'm more masculine than feminine...guess that explains my love affair with jeans and t-shirts!!