Thursday, April 20, 2006

13 Reasons Why Good Education Should Be a # 1 Priority.

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1. Children are the future of the world.
2. Today’s children are going to be taking care of “us” tomorrow.
3. The surest way out of poverty is education.
4. The strongest weapon against prejudice and racism is knowledge.
5. To understand the future, you must understand the past.
6. Who would you want running the world tomorrow, a kid who worked hard in school or one who sold dope on the streets?
7. If a kid has a good education, the chances he becomes a criminal are small.
8. The fastest road to world peace, is tolerance and understanding of other cultures.
9. School is not only a place of learning, but also a place to learn social skills. What is intellectual intelligence without emotional intelligence?
10. Creative skills are also learned in school; such as art, music, dancing, debating, drama and many of the hobbies people love to do and relax to in their spare time.
11. School could be the place you find your life-long friend.
12. Learning languages gives a better understanding of other cultures, especially when you understand their humor.
13. The best gift we can give our kids is a good education. It gives them the chance to wake up each day to a job and a life they love instead of a job that passes time.

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Joan said...

So true. One of my favorite topics.

My 13 are posted too.

Wystful1 said...

....and keep all the elective activities in school!!!

Like music, gym, art,...things like that. We learn from all subjects!!

Just my 2 cents worth.

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You have a very true lists about education. My TT13 is up too.

EmilyRoseJewel said...

I agree 100%. Education is the key to a successful life. My TT is up.

Ames said...

sings, "I believe the children are our future....teach them well..."

that pretty much sums it up - agreed!

Mine are up…..Go check out my T13

Chi said...

I is definitely most important...and I did find a life-long friend in school. *s*

Barb said...

#8: not only in other countries, but in our own cities, neighborhoods, and families.

Great list!

Jane said...

This is a great list and SO true. Education is vital for all children.

Thanks for visiting my T13.

Feathers said...

I am totally with you on this list!!

Nicole said...

Great list. I completely agree with you. You hit the nail right on th head ;)

Happy TT!


Kelly said...

Soooo true!
Soooo true!!!!

Courtney said...

Very true list!

Elle said...

If only everyone were as enthusiastic about education as you are!

Here's my TT:
Elle xx

Loni said...


Thanks for stopping by!

Mary said...

Great list! My TT is up too!

Melli said...

Indeed, indeed. I had a major run-in with a student today who just does NOT care about his education. He is 16 and only wants to drop out. And he's a smart kid! It just makes me sooooooo sad!

My list is up.

TNChick said...

Such a great post and holds so much truth... I'm late in my visiting but atleast I am here :) Hope you have a great weekend.

Lauren said...

I'm late too... great list.

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Shelli said...

I love, love, love this list. It is really awesome!

I am, once again, getting here late. I was working, so I am trying to catch up over the weekend.

Mandy said...

Understanding another countries hunour is near impossible. I've lived in another country for 5 years and I'm still lost lol

Mandy said...

Humour - typo :)

Lifecruiser said...

Came here to say if your Silly photo for the Saturday theme was up.... but it will do with this TT - that was a real good one!!!!


Ardice said...

I'm checking blogs for Thursday Thirteen, and just wanted to remind you to change the "Get the code" link to

Thank-you :)

Norma said...

I believe in education, but the surest way to not live in poverty (for children) is to have parents married to each other.