Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Power of the Media - Part 1

I was wondering how much power the media has today.
I noticed that many of the young kids today wear short
shirts and low riding jeans. I remember hip-huggers -
but I also lived in a warm climate so it wasn't a problem.
But these kids I asked live in a cold climate.
No wonder they often have ear infections, stomach aches
and colds, not to mention pneumonia.
When asked why they risk their health, they answer
that this is the fashion in all the magazines, TV and films.
To be honest, not many of them look that hot in these clothes.
If the fashion is anything goes,- why are they doing this and
not creating new fashions that aren't a health risk?
Any answers blowing in the wind?


Wystful1 said...

I just wish I'd be able to go shopping in my 'house clothes', sweats, slippers and a T-shirt! hehehehehe But, all the people would look at me and want me committed to the nearest center....see? That's how I picture me and what the reaction of others would's human nature to want to look like 'all the rest' of your generation. It's normal, whether it gives us colds or pnuemonia. I remember the days when your peers would look at you if you're dressed, it's just being human.

PJ said...

The kids around here want to dress like the popular hip hop artists. It's amazing how the music industry regulates how teens want to dress.

Melli said...

Well... I don't worry about their health over what they wear... I worry about their MORALITY! They come to school looking like little street walkers - and ACTING like little street walkers! That's what worries me -- it's the way the clothes make them "feel". And the other thing is... it's not just the petite little girls wearing these outfits... we have girls who are showing more skin than should EVER be shown -- even at the beach! Bodies that should NEVER see a bikini are flashin' a LOT of tummy! It's fairly disgusting.

Barb said...

I assume that they dress that way for the same reason that I wore my skirts so short in the sixties: because it was cool, and it was fun. I have to agree with Melli though, it's the effect on their morals that concerns me. I see these young gals with their tummies hangin out (and some literally are hanging) and shirts cut far too low with their breasts exposed (oh my word I sound like my mother!!) and I worry about them. The message that they are sending determines how they will be treated. And maybe how they will respond? It just seems they look 20 at 12 now. That makes me sad for them.

Gina E. said...

Totally agree with Melli and Barb on this one. The teens are just as bad here in Australia, and I am always wondering about their parents - don't they care what their children look like? Glad I haven't got any of my own - I would be a horrible mother - far too strict by today's standards!

Anonymous said...

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