Thursday, March 09, 2006

My 13 Most Favorite Places on Earth - in no particular order

Thirteen Things about LibertyBelle theWonder Girl

1. Samos, Greece
2. Paris, France
3. The countryside of Sweden.
4. The islands of Denmark
5. San Francisco.
6. London! London! london!
7. The beaches of California
8. New York. (only been there once)
9. Scotland
10. My backyard
11. A real good Italian restaurant, anywhere.
12. Cuddled on the sofa with my kitty.
13. In my warm bed on a cold night with my hubby.

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Wystful1 said...

LOL...I thought I posted! I'm double checking my list from my blog (I added your name even tho you didn't come comment yet...But, what a friends for? Right?

In order to get people to come to your Thursday gotta go to the list in the "participants" link and comment in their 13!


LibertyBelle said...

If I only had a brain! :)

Melli said...

Oh LOOK! Thursday moved to Thursday! LOL! And now I'm here a day late -- but that is one great list Liberty! I agree with number 9 -- although I've never HAD it -- I do desperately NEED it. *sigh*

LibertyBelle said...

Yes - we moved -
sometimes my life is just