Friday, March 10, 2006

Why People Over 30 Should Be Dead!

We, who were born in the 40's, 50's, 60's and even the 70's shouldn't be alive today.
Read and see why.
  1. Our cribs were painted with lead-based paint.
  2. We didn't have child-proof medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and we biked without helmets.
  3. As kids, we drove in cars with no seatbelts or airbags.
  4. Riding in the back of a pick-up truck on a warm summer day was heaven!
  5. We drank water from the garden hose and not bottled water.
  6. We ate bread with butter, drank soda pop filled with sugar, but were never over weight, because we were always out playing.
  7. We shared a bottle of pop with our friends and drank from the same bottle and no one ever died from it.
  8. We spent hours building soap box cars out of old junk and raced down hills, just to find out that we forgot to install brakes. A couple times in the ditch taught us how to solve that problem.
  9. We left early in the morning to go out and play and came home when the street lights went on in the evening, and no one could get a hold of us all day - NO MOBILE PHONES! (can you imagine??)
  10. We had no Playstations, Nintendo 64 or X-Boxes - in fact no TV games, no 99 TV channels, no videos or DVD's, surround sound, cell phones, home computers or chatrooms on the internet.
  11. But we did have FRIENDS! We went out and found them.
  12. We fell down from trees, cut ourselves, broke arms and legs and got teeth knocked out, but no one sued anyone. No one else was to blame except ourselves.
  13. We fought till we were black and blue, but got over it.
  14. We invented different games, played with sticks and tennis balls and ate dirt and grass. Despite all the warnings, no one really got an eye poked out and grass didn't grow in our stomachs for the rest of our lives.
  15. We biked or walked over to each other's houses, knocked on the door and became a part of the family.
This generation has produced some of the most risk-taking, problem solving and inventive minds ever!


Melli said...

Yep... it's all true... every bit of it!

Wystful1 said...

I have to laugh at this in a way Libertybelle! It's what I've been saying for years! I see kids being "afraid" of some healthy dirt on their hands even! Dirt builds immunities. And lack of sunshine with these kids always indoors with their CDs, TV on, at computers or playstations...they're sick all the time! Kids need physical activities...and to get dirty once again.

But, what do we know? Doctors say no sun...stay clean.

I think about all the people who work outdoors for a living---farmers, street repair, lifeguards...they're in the sun without sunscreen for generations and no skin cancers!

Wystful1 said...

Of course, I also think we ate more healthy like you said...we ate chocolate, or ice cream or cookies, or cakes....but we were also MUCH more active.

Sooooooooo, let's get up off our computer chairs and walk to a different beat of the drum---like when we were kids!! Ride our bikes...drink out of the hose, chew on a long sweet blade of grass!


Melli said...

That's right Wystful... what I need is all of you living within a 2 mile radius of my house... then I could walk over and get you and we'd go get the next one until we have us all... and then find something to do! Let's BE kids again!

LibertyBelle said...

Oh Melli, wouldn't that be just the greatest? I came to think of those wonderful women in Knapely from the film Calendar Girls, and how they all go to the neatest hill and do Akido exercizes together.
THEN we'd go and get a big café Latte!
Wouldn't that be heaven?!!!!

LibertyBelle said...

And Miss W
Ya know, the sun thing is probably a reaction to all the people baking on the beaches for days on end, with the terrible reflections from the sun.
I know the ozone layer is thinner, so they can just give their kids some good sun screen and send them out to play.
Did you know that asthma and allergies have hit the all time high because kids don't get enough fresh air? Isn't that a shame? (and the answer is blowing in the wind!!)

Barb said...

yep yep count me in on this. I remember putting lunch in a paper bag, tossing it in the basket of my bike, meeting my friends, and leaving for the entire day to go to the park or play in the woods. No one worried about us. They knew where we were and that we'd be okay. Probably. However, I do remember the summer that Ann Marie Burr vanished and there were posters everywhere. She lived in my neighborhood. So did Ted Bundy. They never did find her. Bundy refused to talk about her in his interview just before his execution. We're we as safe as everyone thought? Or were our parents just more naive? And the sun thing? Go figure! Both my husband and myself exposed ourselves to far too much sun early in our lives, beginning as children. He has had skin cancer for the last 20+ years, having it removed a couple of times a year. Me - I've never had any. Skin type? Type of exposure? Location? *shrug* But yeah .... it's a wonder we survived!