Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year! (already??)

I was inspired by Melli's blog entry about time. I'm really at a loss here. Has the feeling of time changed because I've gotten older or has it changed because the daily pace has gotten faster? I've always been a pretty speeded person with many pots on the stove, doing lots of things at one time and getting good results. Today, though, I can hardly keep up and I still have many projects going at one time! As Franca Rama wrote in her Women Monologues, "I could cook, feed the dog, take care of the husband, yell at the kids, paint the room and read a book, all at one time!" *S*
But a day doesn't feel as long as it once did and summers don't feel like they last forever anymore.
Perhaps our concept of time DOES change as we get older.
Who knows??
On the other hand, I don't remember reading about people dying from stress related illnesses 50-100 years ago.
So like the sign says, slow down, save a life; it could well be our own we save!
So I'm not going to try and keep pace anymore I'm going to find my own rhythm, march to my own beat, try to set goals that I can manage and stop to smell the roses. Well........... at least I'm going to try, that's a start!

Happy New Year (OH NO! has another year gone by already?? Where did it go?)
From me to all of you!


Hootin'Anni said...

Very interesting. I've slowed down ---a lot!! And tho boring once in a while, I still feel accomplishments and living life slower and easier. Stress is a big factor in life today. And you see it with violence, terrorism, arson acts...things like that. It is a way of dealing with all the tension of lives. Well, not a WAY of DEALING....what I mean is it's the expression through actions that stress causes.

And with my thinking, lives 100 years ago may not have been so stressful, but their lives were cut short because of labor and diet. So, it's one thing or another.

A great and thoughtful blog today!!!!

Melli said...

Time definately whips past me these days! I could never keep up with the speed of light -- but yea - I USED to keep up with the speed of time! I can't keep up anymore!

BUT... I really don't think that we are any more STRESSED than our ancestors were... If you really think about this, they had pretty much NOTHING BUT stress in their lives! They had to run the farm and depend ENTIRELY upon IT to provide for them. They had to deal with weather conditions... and they had to deal with "normal" illnesses - without the benefit of antibiotics and preventive vacccinations! 50-100 years ago, people didn't GET to die from stress related illness -- they were all dying from being overworked (physically) and from diseases that we have completely under control today! Stress WAS life -- it wasn't their "issue". Their issues were more along the lines of droughts, blizzards, locusts, and moles! Oh yea... and laundry! THAT was a major issue! LOL! (and stressful -- but they didn't know it!)

GREAT post LB! A real thought provoker!!! (and thanks for the mention!)

PJ said...

Time does fly, weren't we just stressed about y2K not long ago?
Have a very Happy New Year!

Carol said...

Boy, I found your words so true..people might not have had as much stress as we do today, but keep in mind they also didn't LIVE as long as we do either!

Diseases, dirt, and generally bad living are probably what caused their demise. Believe me, I would much rather be alive now than back then!

Medicines keep us alive longer and we probably eat better too..

But with all these advances come stress, definitely...

Good post!