Sunday, December 24, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt - The Theme is LINES


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I love the lines on this very ancient, oak church door. The sign says, "close quietly".
The church is from 1200, which is pretty old in my book. I'm not sure how old
the door is, but it is old.
The fun thing about this week's theme is, that you can find lines in everything - even circles!
Have a happy weekend and happy holidays to all you Saturday photo hunters!


me said...

Lovely photo and great take on the theme.

Very nice site you have.

Mine's up here.

kooky kay said...

love the old door ... a lot of stories to tell ...

Terri said...

Oh, what a beautiful photo! Just love that "old world"
Thanks for dropping by my place and wishing you a very Merry Christmas!'

srp said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love that door, it looks so heavy. Where was it.... somewhere in Europe no doubt. Have a lovely Christmas!

Morning Glory said...

That's a beautiful door and a cool take on the theme.

I'll be back in the hunt next weekend. Merry Christmas!

superkimbo said...

I love doors! This is a great shot! Not only does the door have great lines, but so do the bricks :)

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Beautiful door, I love the lines, and the "close quietly" is very charming. Happy Holidays!

Lifecruiser said...

That's a magnificent door. I love doors, they're always so different!

Me too saw lines in EVERYTHING... *lol*

Warmth wishes for a wonderful
holiday season, to share it
with near and dear ones and
with joy and happiness everywhere

Always remember
...To hug. To love. To trust
To feel peace deep within you
(Julie Jordan Scott)

A Very Merry Christmas
A Hilarious Happy New Year
with a lot of happy laughters!

Firefly said...

That is a very nice shot and a very interesting door! And I agree, nobody every said that lines had to be straight! We'd have a boring world if that were true! ;) Merry Christmas!

I said...

I like that door! Very classical... Merry Christmas!


Dianne said...

That a beautiful door! Makes me want to open it and come in.
Your name implies you may be from Philadelphia-just curious. : )
Merry Christmas!!

abe/happy said...

lovely lines on the door and the bricks :) have a merry christmas

Mike said...

That is a neat photo for this weeks hunt. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a good entry for this week's theme. See you on the next photo hunt.

Happy Holidays!


Hootin'Anni said...

Isn't that beautiful!!?!

Wow, is this in your town? It's just perfect for the week's theme.

You did good!

Melli said...

My FIRST thought when I saw it - BEFORE I read your blurb - was that's gotta be a church door! HOW DID I KNOW??? LOL!
Sorry I got here sooooooo late! You must have posted late this week, cuz I know I did stop by once... I know a lot of times you're up the night before -- and I might have been cruisin' then... But anyway -- I'm here now -- and you got GREAT lines LB! And you're right - you can find lines just about ANYwhere -- IF you're thinking in those terms!