Thursday, January 04, 2007


Kids say the funniest things without even knowing!
Being a teacher, I get to hear lots of funny things everyday.
To give you an example of a normal day in English class, I asked one of
my pupils to conjugate the verb, push.

"That's an easy one, he answered!"
"I push,
you push,
he,she,it pushes
My mother's a pusher."
I almost fell off my chair. "Why did you call your mother a pusher?" I asked.
"Well", he answered, "she's a nurse, see?"
"And she pushes that little table of drugs from room to room
at the hospital."
What can I say? Ya just gotta love those kids!!!


Melli said...

ROFLMBO!!! Ohhhh yea! I woulda too! Toooo funny!

And ya know... I do believe you GOT what I was tryin' to say over on my blog! THANK YOU!!!

oh... and my word verification here?
znrPUSH! lol!

Jane said...

It's definately a job perk!