Saturday, March 03, 2007

Healthy Foods Don't Have To Be Boring

You Are 80% Healthy

Your diet is quite healthy, but you don't go too crazy with what you eat.
You know how to eat what's good for you, but you're also careful not to deprive yourself.

I've never understood why so many people prefer fast food to good food.
Not that long ago - we baby boomers of the 50´s grew up with our mother's pot roast, lots of beans and salads. We ate wheat bread and drank ice water or milk. I don't think a McDonald's could ever compare to my mom's cooking - or mine either.
Good food doesn't necessarily take long to make.
If you put on the potatoes or rice, then make the salad and greens, and lastly, fry or broil the meat, presto - in about 40 minutes you have a fine dinner.
What bothers me most, is over half the shelves in the supermarket are filled with junk food. Someone is out to make a fast buck at the price of our health!!!
White bread is the real offender in weight gain. I learnt long ago that white bread sits like cememt in your stomach and adds sooooo much weight.
It doesn't take much to make good food, and it can also be quality time spent with your kids - give them something to do; let them be part of the process. It gives them responsibilty and pride - even if they've peeled just one potato!
That's my thought that's blowing in the wind.
Happy Weekend


Skittles said...

All very true!!!

Melli said...

YEP! But... we like meals in minutes - 5 minutes! LOL! Sad, but true! I DO believe McDonald's is the single WORST thing that has happened to our world in the last century!

the night owl said...

There is truth in what you say; but we eat out alot and have to pick the foods that are healthy.Snacking is my down fall!! I have to go back to writing everything down and owning it!!

Patti said...

I try to do slow food. That or mooch dinner off of friends.

Carol said...

My problem is while I consider myself a "healthy" eater, I also like all the bad stuff too. Since my hubby is having salt issues now, I've really had to cut back on eating out and serving him prepared foods. It's tricky.

Excellent observation! I heartily agree! It's appalling how much salt is in everything...