Sunday, March 18, 2007

I love the Java Jive!

I fell over these books by Cleo Coyle and just fell in love them. They are about a cozy coffee house in Greenwich Village that specializes in good coffee. Not only are they mystery novels, but also books about the love of really good coffee. Coffee is just not coffee, it all depends on where the beans come from, if they are dried in the sun or kept wet. It depends on the soil where they were grown and especially how they were roasted by the coffee shop,and how they are brewed or pulled by the baristas.
I always thought that blending coffees was cheating, but I've learnt that if you have a wonderfully rich and round tasting coffee, which is low on acidity, which contributes to the taste, then you can blend it with a more acidic coffee to give it more body and kick. I also learnt that you can taste different fruits in coffee too. And last but not least, she writes about the froth! Oh wonderful froth! Think what a yummy froth made of low-fat milk can do to a latte! (no lips to hips here!)

I was so inspired - and so tired of my old brewed coffee, that I got hubby to go out and get me an expresso machine - and I love it. You've got to fiddle around with it until you find the strength and taste you like best. It grinds the beans (very important about the beans) and makes a damn good cup of coffee. Cleo Coyle had added lots of cake and coffee recipes at the end of the book - so there's lots of different things you can try. We went out and bought a bottle of French chocolate sirup. A few drops in the bottom of the cup turns this afternoon cup of Joe into a moment of pleasure.
Well, gotta go and get me a cup of Joe!
Happy Weekend
from the kitchen of LibertyBelle


Melli said...

Ooooo La La! Sounds like a little piece of Heaven! And the books are MYSTERIES you say? I'm going to have to look into these.... indeed! Coffee and a good story! What goes together better? Annnnnd... are you okay with coffee and NO cigarette?

Expat Traveler said...

ironically our coffee maker broke yesterday. We opted for the same because we like plain coffee...

But we actually considered this option for so long. We'd love it and if we had a bigger kitchen and more people visiting I think it would make sense!

Oh it sounds like a wonderful treat!


I gave up smoking in '86 and I still miss it when I have that special cup of coffee after that special meal... :^*
But I've never smoked since. I had bronchitis every winter, my poor husband didn't smoke so it was time...

Hootin' Anni said... is probably a good buy for you. But for me....*bleck*...don't like coffee, never have.

So, you still experimenting with it for that ONE special brew?