Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt - The theme is "Clean"

Here's my little son, years ago, in a little plastic tub!
He could sure get dirty and it'd take a loooong time to get
him clean!
Little boys and dirt seem to go together.
My motto:
Better to have a playful, adventurous and curious little boy - dirt and all!
Happy holidays


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Patti said...

I have had my share of little boy dirt, too. Now he seems to keep him self clea, but he still brings plenty of dirt in the house!

srp said...

It almost seems futile to try and get them clean.. they stay that way for so short of a time. Boys and dogs... as soon as they are cleaned up they find a mud puddle or a pile of dirt to roll in.

PowersTwinB said...

what a cute old photo! Love the look of him like, "what are you taking a picture of mom?" Thanks for visiting my photo today!

meeyauw said...

You are so wise: dirt will always come back but, if killed, curiosity never will!

H.Green said...

Too cute! Love your choice of photo for this week's theme. Mine's up here if you'd like to see it:

Marcia said...

Love this photo, clean them up occasionally and then just let them be themselves, dirt and all.

Janet said...

excellent motto!

martie said...

Very cute youngest son use to be a 'dirt magnet'! Great motto!

Hootin'Anni said...

So cute. I didn't get a chance to play SPH last week 'cause of Easter, but I'm up this week...."hobby"

Happy weekend L B!!!