Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Love Halloween

Call me childish, call me young at heart,-
but I just love Halloween. Always have
and always will. Perhaps it's the time
of year - who knows. Lucky for me that
I have a friend who loves Halloween just
as much as I do - so we send each other
cards and make October a fun month for
each other. Thanks to my dear friend for
all the fun.
You are boo-tiful!
PS - did I mention she is also a poet!!


Hootin'Anni said...

I'm a poet!!!! And didn't even know it....

YOU dear L ---make Halloween fun for ME!! I adore all you do, and you make it so I look forward to each and every day of October!! [and beyond, of course---but ESPECIALLY October.] *cackles and more cackles*

Luvya bunches...my dear Witch in Arms.

Patriot said...

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Mary said...

Because you love Halloween so much, I've made a little gift for you. Please be sure and pick it up on my blog. It is in the upper right-hand corner.