Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt -The Theme is "Metal"

This week's theme is metal.Here is a photo of my hubby's
Fender jazz bass guitar with metal strings! I love the look of metal
on wood and the instrument has the most wonderful sound.
(Hubby is also a super bass player too - which helps!) LOL
Happy Weekend


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Hootin' Anni said...

Excellent choice L B!!!! Secretly, I would love to hear your husband play the guitar. I bet it gives off an awesome sound!!

Happy Easter dear "L"ady!!!!!

Maribeth said...

Perfect! Happy Saturday, Happy Easter!

Melli said...

Ohhhh I LIKE that! Great choice of metal! And sO fitting for you!

PowersTwinB said...

What a great photo and a great subject! My hunt is up, please come and visit

WillThink4Wine said...

Wow, Mr X would be so jealous of the Bass! Very, very nice!

starnitesky said...

Yes - good choice!

Happy Easter!

Corey~living and loving said...

great idea for the theme...and a well taken photo. :)
happy weekend.

Sarge Charlie said...

hubby has a nice guitar, thanks for stopping by.

Criz Lai said...

Yea.. this is on instrument that without metal it will not play. Great idea Belle :)

Feel free to join the rest of the crowd at

poor man's nicole richie said...

i love jazz...all that jazz...does he play blues too?

Morning Sniffles

dawn said...

That is a great piece for metal. I think my dad has an old steel guitar that is a Fender.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I love your idea of metal. Thanks for visiting and have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Now that is serious metal - legendary.
Thanks for looking by and have a good weekend.
BTW, I hope the non-smoking was successful - it's 23 years since I stopped. Good luck.

Janet said...

a Fender bass, wow! Nice shot!